Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing and how can i earn an online income in India with this?

earn an online income in India
Affiliate marketing is an ideal way to earn an online income in India. It’s a form of selling products and services without really owning them yourself, nor having the responsibility of packing, shipping and billing your buyers. Basically all you have to do is promote the product or service of a company or person. One can consider it a partnership between you and the merchant.  Again, be aware of the fact that the product or service isn’t yours. It is provided by the merchant (advertiser),  and you as a publisher will get a reward in the form of a commission for every product or service being sold by the advertiser due to your promotional activities. Publishing the products/service of an advertiser can be done in many ways. A common way of doing so is by having your own website and displaying the products/services of the advertiser there. This can be a website that sells products like or even a personal blog site. But also social media strategies like  a personal facebook page can easily do the trick. This is one of the best ways to earn an online income in India.

What are the benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

There are many benefits of Affiliate Marketing. We will name a few:

  • You can make ridiculous money if you have a good strategy. An online income of several thousands of dollars monthly is not exceptional if someone really commits to it. We know a few SUPER AFFILIATES that litterally generate 6 figure numbers in dollars per month. Of course you can always choose your level of activity and therewith your flow of online income.
  • It’s pretty hassle free. As mentioned above you won’t be bothered with shipping, billing, customer service etc. You can fully focus on your promotional activities.
  • Great variety of strategies to choose from.  Some of the best options are:  PPC, Website/content, SEO, Email marketing, Social Media , Coupon sites and  Incentive/loyalty sites
  • No production costs. There is nothing to be produced or purchased by you as a publisher.
  • Low set-up costs. Starting an online company is way cheaper than setting up a physical store.
  • No limits to product range.  Pretty much every product and also service can be purchased online. So almost everything can be sold through affiliate marketing.
  • The world is your marketplace. No geographical  limits for selling the products other than maybe the language barrier.
  • Make money while you sleep. What other business lets you earn money while you are literary sleeping ? As the internet is a 24/7, 365 marketplace you actually can get paid even when you are physically  inactive.
  • Work from where ever and whenever you want. Affiliate marketing allows you to work from the comfort of your own home. Even while you are traveling or if you are on a vacation you can make money online.  If that is what you want of course. All you need is to have an (mobile) internet connection and a device to work on.

Now of course Affiliate Marketing also has some disadvantages. Note the following:

  • The biggest disadvantage is arguably the risk of not getting paid by the merchant. While this not a very common thing it’s strongly suggested that you do your due diligence when it comes to choosing an advertiser to work with.
  • Often you will find that advertisers or affiliate networks have a tendency of having you wait quite some time before they make the payments. They will only pay out at a minimum amount of money earned and you might also encounter the situation where sent checks don’t come in your mailbox and you will have to ask them to send it again. So if you need immediate cash it might not be the best option. Unless you work with PAYZA or Paypal.
  • Affiliate programs might charge you with a fee for processing your check or make a direct deposit. Quite a few programs depend on these fee charges ,so make sure what the charges are being an affiliate.
  • Losing your visitors to the merchant is a serious risk you should consider. Let’s say you have a website on which you advertise products. Once the visitors click to buy that product they will get redirected to the merchants website. There they will finalize their purchase so chances are that the next time these visitors are looking to buy a product they will go to that website directly. So an incentive to keep them coming back to your site is strongly recommended.
  • Another thing you should consider is the duration of your cookie session. A cookie is a small trace that is left behind on a website after a visit. In this instance it means that when you redirect a visitor from your site to the site of the merchant , the merchant can see that the visitor is coming from your site. This way he will know that you will be entitled for that commission when a purchase is made. In many occasions a redirected visitor might decide not to buy immediately. Often he/she will come back later to the merchant’s website to buy the product or service. At that point you will still be entitled to the commission provided that your cookie duration session has not expired. In some case you can get paid six months after the first visit of your redirected customers to the merchant’s website but in other cases that will only be one month or even less. These cookies session duration may vary with every affiliate program so make sure you know what that period is.

New affiliate programs in India are popping up almost every day as they are becoming increasingly more popular. The Indian affiliate market has finally caught on by the Indian public as many people recognize the great opportunities that come with it.

There are many strategies to use in affiliate marketing. Also, the internet is filled with tips and tricks for boosting your affiliate online income rapidly. Feel free to check them out here. It’s truly our believe that affiliate marketing is amongst the best ways to earn an online income in India.