Article writing

article_writing_internetrupees_making_money_onlineAnother great way to make money online  is article writing. Just by writing articles you can earn money. There are lots of different sites where you can get paid just to write. If you like to write then this is really something that will suit you fine. Some sites will let you write your own articles, that means your own subjects, while other sites have standard subjects for you. For example, you might be asked to write an article about cricket. Then they will pay you a couple of cents per word. Most of the texts vary around500- 1000 words, so if you’re a fast writer you can seriously earn some good money here. Think about it, getting paid to write on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone when you want it and for as long as you want. If your prefer to work at night, then you work at night. If you prefer working during the day, then you work during the day. It’s all up to you. I think you’re already getting the point so let’s explore the two different ways of making money with article writing :

Article writing for a revenue share.
This is the easiest way of article writing because you’re completely free in your choice of subject. You can write about almost anything you like. These sites even prefer that you write something about one of your hobby’s or something that you know a lot about. This way they end up with great content and your article will most likely be interesting to people with the same interest as you. These sites place advertisements on the page where your article will show and out of the income they make from the advertisements  you will get a percentage. Since these sites already have a lot of members and also a lot of traffic, your article will have a high chance of being viewed often which allows you to get paid. This is really a great way of earning an online income because you will continue to get paid while you only did the work once. It’s just a matter of writing and keep on collecting.

Article writing for contracts
The second way, which we call article writing for contracts is also a great way to make money online. That is if you are a serious writer. This is completely different from the article writing for a revenue share. Article writing for contracts doesn’t let you think of your own subject. There are lots of companies who need good content for  their websites. They pay these article writing for contracts sites. Then, the article writing site offers these contracts to you as the writer. If you keep up with the demands and complete the whole text ask requested they will pay you. This is a fixed rate which can change depending on your current status. When you start out you will have to prove yourself. Then, you will grow in ranks. If you deliver good work then this is truly a great paying job.

As we mentioned before, this is a really good and nice way to earn an online income from where ever you please. If you’re into writing articles that is. Our advice is to sign up with as many article writing sites possible so that you will always have enough work. This way you can really make good money online which will keep on growing and growing.