Freelancing / Pay Per Project

Internet has a lot of advantages for everyone, it makes the world smaller because everything is available with one or two presses on a mouse button.  Now in the year 2013 internet is a way to get in contact with people who are in need of services. Those people/companies will place ads on websites. Those  websites are basically marketplace websites were people who search and people who offer work come together.

Why are people using marketplace sites to ask for qualified people?
Because working from home and online can be done everywhere there is a good way to compare different kinds of  offers for a job. Someone who works in London will need a lot more money to do a job than someone from Chennai. Asian countries are mostly very popular because of the lower costs of labour.

I live in India, can I work for someone in Europe?
Yes! That is basically the whole point, if you have certain skills that you can offer you can work for everyone you would like. Europe, Asia, America, you name it.  Everywhere the demand for online services is growing!  You can think about writing texts, doing research online, sending or replying emails , become a virtual assistant, pick something that matches your interest and experience.

What kind of skills are mostly asked for?
-          Writing texts for websites
-          Doing research online
-          Data entry services
-          Developing websites
-          Doing online marketing

What are the best companies I can get a job?
Our advice will be , sign up at  or . Because these sites are international you will receive a lot of offers and you have a bigger change to get an online job.