Clixsense is one of the top 3 PTC ( paid to click ) sites in the world. There are lots of people making online money with Clixsense from the comfort of their homes, offices and even on their smart phones. There are almost 3 million people worldwide who get paid to click ads on Clixsense. There are a couple of ways to earn money on Clixsense :


View ads:

Clixsense get paid to click ads

Get paid to view ads. After logging in you can click on a link and you will see an ad.. after a few seconds the ad will be finished and you can close it and start watching the next one.. every time you watch an ad you get paid. This is really easy, just sign up and get paid to view ads.


Clixsense get paid to click adsTasks:
Everyday there are new simple tasks available. These can be tasks like giving the right answers to questions that are on the website to just simply giving opinions or answering questions with a simple  “yes”or a“no”. Easy money can be earned by completing these easy daily tasks.


Clixsense get paid to click ads

Companies are looking for people to try out their programs and /or fill in certain surveys. These easy offers can lead to a substantial increased online income with no real effort or expertise.


Clixsense get paid to click ads



Referral program:

Clixsense has a referral program which allows you to earn money while other people work for you. You just refer Clixsense to another user by using your referral link. This user signs up with your referral link and now you can start getting paid every time they are active on Clixsense. You can also get paid on every one being referred by your previous referral. This referral program has 8 levels . This means that you if you refer people and they refer others every person will be added to your down line up to 8 levels deep. You can imagine what that can do for your online income. You have  many referrals working for you and they have many referrals below them and their referrals have referrals etc.etc. So the basic message here is: Work smart, not just hard.

Working smart? What do you mean? 

To be able to make real money online with Clixsense you will have to get as many referrals as possible  working for you. Get your friends and family to sign up with your referral link and motivate them to get referrals working for them as well. It’s a win-win situation for everyone as the referral income earned by you does NOT come out of the income of your referral. Clixsense simply pays this to out to you. You can make posts on social media like facebook and twitter etc. with your referral link to get as many people on board as possible. Or place it on a website and get traffic. The possiblities are limitless. Just be creative with your marketing skills. You can litteraly make thousands per month if you know how to promote your Clixsense url well. See how it works with this simple image.



How to get started with Clixsense imedeately.

  1. Register here  on clicksense  and get a account!
  2. Start clicking on  ads yourself (you are required to make a small minimum amount of clicks daily in order to get paid from your referrals!)
  3. In your Clicksense account you will see a referral url, you need to send this url to your friends and others that you want to refer. And remember for every click they make, you will get a % of that click. Your referred people will get paid the full amount of their work, they will NOT lose any money because you have referred them. So they will get paid 100% for every click they make.

If your referred people are making money, you are making money. It’s that simple!


Clixsense get paid to click ads

Premium upgrade:

For a membership fee of 17 USD per year your account will be upgraded to a premium status. A few benefits of the premium upgrade are:

67  Pay per referral click is doubled
67  Referral commissions on tasks and offers are doubled !!
67  Sign up commissions : from each referral that earns its first dollar with PTC clicks you’ll get 0.50 dollarcent.
67  You will get 4 times more guaranteed ads to click on.
67  Clixgrid offers 50 daily opportunities with less waiting time.
67  Minimum cash out is lower.

Advertise (tip): you can even advertise on Clixsense to let other people start working under your referral link. For example: promote your Neobux referral program on Clixsense and vice versa.
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