Social Media Networking

Did you know that you can easily make good money online  by doing things you are already doing for fun?  Social Media Networking is the name of the game. If you are reading this you are probably already a member of some kind of social media network. Most internet users are. Now, what does that have to do with making money online? Well, fact of the matter is that if you are a member of a social media network , you are somehow connected to other members of that network. That network can be Facebook for example, where you possibly have many friends. It can also be on Twitter, where you can have a lot of people following your tweets etc. Whatever network you join, (probably more than one) they all have certain things in common. And one of the most important things is that you are connected with people that are either your friends, family or people that are like minded or share the same interest  on a certain subject or in general. This connection that you have together on the social media platforms is one that is made by choice. This simply means that when you send out a message , other people in that network listen. They listen to you because they trust you up to a certain extend. This is an advantage that you have over companies that send out some kind of commercial message. You too can send out a commercial message to your connections in that network.

By Social Media Networking a lot of money can be earned without even investing anything other than your time. There are many (digital) products to be found online that you can offer without the need to buy them first. You can simply promote other people’s products through your social media activities and earn a percentage of their profits. This is called affiliate marketingEven if you have something you want to sell that is actually yours you can easily send out that message to your online connections. Or you have certain skills that you can provide as a service. The advantage you have over a regular company is that you have  lot more trust coming from your connections. Look at it this way. Who are you most likely to believe when they say that product A is a great product? The owner of the company that sells that product,or when your best friend recommends you that same product? In most cases you will value the opinion of your friend over the “opinion” of a company that wants to sell you that product. Now this is one of the great strengths of Social Media Networking. This is the very reason  Social Media is considered as the most valuable marketing tool these days. In terms of efficiency en effectiveness it’s so much more valuable than the old fashioned television and billboard commercial campaigns. While such campaigns cost you an arm and a leg ,they often don’t target the right people. You know from your own experience that when a television show is interrupted with a commercial break you either change the tv channel or you use that time to go to the bathroom or get yourself a beverage or snack. Companies have recognized this and this is why every established company is now running social media campaigns . You too can do that if you want to monetize your Social Media Networking activities!

For every Social Media Network there are strategies for promoting and making money.
Let us give you the most common and available platforms to start with.


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