Paid surveys

A good and easy way to earn some extra online revenues is filling out paid surveys. This is a really easy way to make money online by providing information to others.  Many companies need information for commercial purposes or for evaluation of the public’s response to their products and services. They know that the right information is valuable to them and so they are willing to pay for that. Take a look here of what a survey may look like. It’s really easy to go through and all you have to do is take your time and give honest answers. Check out our strategies first  for the best ways to fill out a survey as sometimes these companies decide  that you don’t belong to  the right targeted public they are aiming  for.

There are many paid surveys available so making decent online revenue this way should be a piece of cake.  Please note that not all surveys are suitable for India as companies are often looking for targeted information. We have selected the best paid surveys for India below.

- Clixsense
- Cashcrate
- Get-Paid-com

Questions and Answers

Another good way to make online revenues is answering questions .You’ll be surprised to learn that there is indeed a pretty decent market for people that have a certain level of knowledge of a certain subject. So many people and companies around the globe are looking for information and don’t always know where to find it. Luckily the internet brings the world together and therefor also the knowledge available. People with expertise of any subject can benefit from this market by sharing their knowledge with those who are willing to pay for it. Fortunately you don’t have to be a “licensed” expert in order to be able to provide in this market. You just have to know the answers to the questions people are looking for. Sometimes you can even search for the answers on the internet yourself as other people don’t know where to look. So all you need to be able to join these websites is to have either decent knowledge of any subject or know well how to obtain the right information if you don’t have it yourself. Of course it goes without saying that the more knowledge you have of a subject, the more answers you can give and that will obviously increase your online income. The types of subjects out there that people are searching information about are limitless. It can really be about anything and everything. So don’t sell yourself short by thinking that your field of expertise is probably not relevant to others. Topics can vary from fitness to dog obedience training and from diseases to computer science. Because of this wide range of subjects it will be possible for virtually anybody to make online revenues by providing information.