The Best Clixsense Strategy

This is the best clixsense strategy that you will ever have to read and remember. We will show you everything that you need to know about the true earning power of Clixsense. Earn up to $100 daily without any effort from the comfort of your own home and completely FREE! To join,  click here.

Our guess is that just like when we started out, you have nothing to lose, just to gain. That’s why we want you to learn the best online money making techniques without having to pay a single cent. Don’t get this wrong, this is a wonderful opportunity that will change your whole life. If you do this right than you’re going to get an automatic income stream that will surprise you daily. Just be sure to read this strategie from top to bottom and implement these steps one step at a time. If you follow these steps then you’re destined to make a good income online.

As you may already know, you can start earning an income online simply by clicking on and viewing advertisements. This way of generating an online income is completly FREE so don’t hesitate to join right now. To join, just  click here.

Best Clixsense Strategy

What is ClixSense?
If you came to this best Clixsense strategy page from our own Clixsense page then you already know what Clixsense is and what it has to offer. If you came here directly we will shortly explain what Clixsense is and does. ClixSense is one of the top 3 PTC (Paid-To-Click) sites which pays you to click on and to view advertisements. One of the best things about Clixsense is that they pay instantly. Lot’s of other sites pay at certain days. For example, there are sites that only pay out on Mondays and Fridays. Clixsense pays out whenever you want to. With the right strategy it is not hard to make a good amount of money consistently. You need to implement this strategy and stay with it for the long haul. With a few minutes a day you can really generate a really nice income stream with ClixSense. The Internetrupees Best Clixsense Strategy Guide will teach you how to make REAL money with Clixsense.

The only catch is that you will not be making that $100/day right off the bat! The name of this game is PATIENCE. In the beginning you will only be earning a couple of cents a day by clicking on and viewing advertisements. The biggest key to success in Clixsense is trough referrals. In other words, if you don’t have referrals then you will not earn a lot on Clixsense. So remember…GET REFERRALS!! The easiest way ( and this should be the first thing that you do ) to get referrals is to send your referral link to all your friends and family. Just explain them what you’ve learned here and help them to get started to. This is the best way to start building your down line. This way everybody earns, and you’ll get a percentage of all the clicks that your referrals make. All you need to get started right now is an account. Sign up here if you didn’t already signed up and let’s go further.

It is important that you follow the next instructions below one by one to earn a really good income. So let’s go a step further with our best Clixsense strategy.


The best Clixsense strategy

Step 1 : Registering.
Start by registering your account for FREE here. During registration, fill out all the necessary details and change the mode of payment into Check (International) with your name in it. This is the way to create an account without spending anything. This is also the only way to register if you don’t have Paypal, Alertpay, etc.

Step 2 Start earning.
Start earning. There are a couple of ways for you to earn money online with ClixSense. The first thing to earn money is by viewing advertisements. You earn money with every ad that you’ll see. The amount per ad ranges from $0.001 up to $0.02, each ad!! You can also earn by completing tasks, participating in surveys and winning in ClixGrid. These are also ways to earn a small daily income from Clixsense without any hard work.

As we already stated, and we can not mention this enough times : The best way to earn with Clixsense is by promoting others to the site with the affiliate program. This way you’ll earn downline click commissions, upgrade commissions and commissions from your referrals’s purchases. You can start inviting your friends and family with your own personalized link. You can find this link (after registering) on your Account Summary page. This link looks like this : (where the x’s will be your referral id)

Step 3 Get your referrals.
Get your referrals. As we’ve mentioned, your referrals are the biggest key to success in ClixSense. You do not only get paid for referring others you’ll also get commissions whenever your direct referrals click on PTC Ads, purchase advertising or whenever they or their referrals upgrade to Premium through 8 levels!

This 8 Level referral program is the real power of Clixsense. This is the way that earns you the most in Clixsense. And this is exactly what our best Clixsense strategy is about. This is really important.

So how does this 8 Level program work?
Well, let’s say that you invite all your friends and family. Everybody that you want to help earning an extra income. These friends and family will be your direct referrals. Direct Referrals are your level 1. They are the ones who signed up in ClixSense by clicking on your Affiliate Link. Level 2 referrals are the referrals that click on your Level 1 referrals link. So when you invite your friends or family they will get a referral link to, just like you. The only difference is that when someone clicks on their link, that person will be on your Level 1 referrals 1st level but they will also be on your Level 2. This is great right? So everybody that signs up under you will get an referral link also, and that person under them also, and under them, up till 8 levels. Doesn’t that sound great?? That’s what we thought !! Don’t forget to tell your friends what you’ve learned from our best Clixsense strategy so they know all of these steps as well.

Let us give you an small example :
If you have ten people in your 1st Level, and each of them has 5 referrals in their 1st Level( your 2nd Level ). This way you have 60 referrals in total. If every referral earns around 0,10 cents a day, you’ll get 6 Dollars a day by doing nothing, this is because your referrals are clicking. You just have to click around ten times a day, this would take up to 5 minutes a day. The reason that you also have to click daily is because Clixsense needs to see you as an active member or they will ban you for inactivity. Indirect referrals are your level 2-8 referrals that joined ClixSense via your direct referral’s affiliate link.

This 3rd step should always be your number one priority and can never be stopped. Everything will depend on this very crucial step. So, you NEED to recruit as many direct referrals as you can. But don’t worry because we will teach you how to get unlimited direct referrals. If you forget any steps from our best Clixsense strategy then just read back and do them again.

One of the best ways that we can advice you is through the use of FREE traffic exchanges. Register your link here.

Step 4 : Never Cash out early.
This should be the last thing you think about once you reach the minimum. Most people would cash out the money upon reaching $10 . The only think that should be on your mind right now is to upgrade your account to a PREMIUM member.

Step 5
Upgrade your account to premium ASAP. Once you reach $17, then Upgrade directly to a Premium Account User. Since this will boost your earnings like you’ve never seen, this should be a major priority for you. Just check out the table below to see the difference between the STANDARD and the PREMIUM membership.

Best Clixsense Strategy

If you have the money ($17) but do not have Paypal, AlertPay, etc…, sign up as quickly as possible to one of them to get all the advantages that come with the PREMIUM membership. Clixsense will deduct 16 dollars of your main balance and only one dollar from your Paypal. If you wish to pay the whole amount with for example Paypal then this is also possible. This is the fastest way to start earning big with Clixsense but we can imagine that you can’t or don’t want to invest anything so we just show you the way that you can upgrade without investing your own money.

If you do have Paypal, Alertpay or other mode of payments that can be used in Clixsense, you can also upgrade your level 1 referrals. This way they’ll get more ads to click on so you will earn more per referral. This is also a great way to boost your and their earnings. You’ll earn back your investment really quick because everything will double for them aswell. If you wish to upgrade the people from levels 2 – 8 you can manually send a payment of $17 to for your lower levels and ClixSense will upgrade them. Just submit a ticket, and ClixSense will upgrade their accounts INSTANTLY.

Step 6 : Join other networks
Join other networking groups such as Facebook groups, Yahoo groups, Google groups, etc… When you get accepted you can post your referral link to their walls of the members, giving you unlimited possible direct referrals. The members of the different groups will then be able to see your link and sign up under you. Do this on as many possible groups as you can find to maximize your potential.

Step 7 : Read the forum and check our site
Every once and a while read the ClixSense forums on their website so that you will learn more tricks on how to earn even more! When we find a new or better way to earn we will also post this on our site so be sure to check out our site also.

Step 8 : Never stop referring your Link

Never stop referring your account to other people. This will provide you with unlimited leads, referral commissions and a daily source of daily income soon!

Didn’t you sign up yet? Register NOW and start earning!


Remember to tell your friends about our best Clixsense strategy. You don’t have to send them to our page, just tell them the steps.