toolsWe already made lots of websites in very different niches. From personal websites for promotional intentions to fully loaded shopping sites. And now we want to share with you our tools and techniques to make websites. On this part of our site you will find all the carefully selected tools that we use to build, update and manage our own websites. These tools are especially useful if you want to earn an online income without any experience what so ever. The more experienced visitors will already know a part of the material that we show you, but we found lot’s of interesting stuff loaded with secrets and tips which are also very useful to the more experienced visitors among us. So be sure to check all of our tools and pick the one or the ones that suits you best.  We’ve categorized our tools into the next couple of categories:


Internet Marketing
In our internet marketing section we will show you the books and videos that we bought that helped us get our traffic and promote our sites. One of these videos showed us the way to bring you here. On these videos and in these books people explain to you each and every thing you need to know about internet marketing. These videos and eBooks will give you a huge amount of information from which you can earn lots of money with. These videos and ebooks are recorded and written by the leading experts in the internet marketing world. We’ve bought, seen and tested lots of videos and eBooks and selected only the best to share with others. So take a look at what we selected and take your pick.

Website and Layout
When you start your own website there a lots of things that you need to know. You can search for all these individual things online or maybe you have a friend that knows these things. But what if you don’t know how to perform such a difficult search online or you don’t know anyone that can explain it to you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As we mentioned earlier and also on other pages on this website, we already made lots of websites. We can help you with everything. When we started out we didn’t had a clue where to start or what to do.


So what did we do? We’ve searched for training videos and eBooks that could explain us how we had to do certain things. Things like designing and building a website, which sound really difficult, but in reality they aren’t. Check out this page where we will share our journey and show you all the tools and info that we used and still use to build your own website.

If your building your own site then obviously you’ll need graphics. This is what the visitors like and you can make them feel comfortable using nice pictures and banners. You can do this with many different programs and techniques but you can also get beautiful graphic packs from which you can choose your own set. Just choose a nice pallet ( a set of colors ) and use all the images that you want. You can use this to build a very professional site in little to no time. Check out all of our graphic pack tips on this page.

We’ve read loads of eBooks in the last couple of years. So many, you can’t even start to imagine. We made a special selection from all these eBooks and placed them on this page. These eBooks are all money making related and they all apply to our and your goal : making an online income. Check out what we’ve selected for you and choose the one that you want, read it from top to bottom, front to end and implement all the techniques. Happy reading.

Email-marketing-internetrupeesEmail marketing
Email marketing now a days is an important instrument to get visitors to your website. On this page you’ll find all sorts of email marketing tips as well as the best email marketing software. With this software you’ll automate your whole newsletter campaign. From the submission form to the newsletters themselves, you can make everything with this program. Read all about it here.

Be sure to surf to this page in the future because we are never done with testing and trying out new tools. We will update these pages whenever we find and tested something worthy. Also share this page with you friends and/or family so that they also can make an online income.