Make money with websites

Make money with websitesA very common way to make money online is to make money with websites. It’s something that appeals to almost everyone since it grooms the idea of an easy, steady online income that is continues and can be obtained with fairly little work. And If you look at it from the perspective of being on the payroll of some company, it just might be the case. We’re not saying that making money with websites is easy and requires little to no work, but if you compare it to working for 8 to 12 hours at some job daily, then getting that online income out of your website suddenly might seem very interesting. Especially once you get the ball rolling.

So , what does it take to make money with websites ?

meny_online_internetrupeesIn order to make money with your website you obviously need to have a domain name, a website and a web hosting company. But before you get to that part you first need a clear vision of how you want to monetize your site. Before you start building your site(or have it built for you) you will have to ask yourself the following: What do I want from my website and what do I want to offer my visitors? In some cases you might want to get a steady income out of your website by offering your visitors products of which you make a profit margin. A web shop for example. In others you may just want to inform your visitors about a subject of which you have significant knowledge, or just share your opinion on a subject with people. Like a blog page for example. Even with a blog substantial online income can be made. So once you have decided what you want with your website you can start looking at ways to make money with your website.

Ways to make money with websites

Let’s look at some common ways how people make money with websites.

  • Sell advertising space: This is arguably the most popular form of making money with websites. This is when you place ads on your website for which you get paid. This can be done in different ways, like Pay-Per-Click ,  Pay-Per- Lead or Cost-Per-Time etc. Pay-Per-Click by Google Adsense is the most common form of advertising. We’re not saying it’s the best way of advertising for your site. That all depends on the amount of traffic that you have and the industry you are in.
  • Sell Products: Almost every time people go shopping online they look for a web shop to buy a certain product. These products are     offered by companies that own the product or by companies/individuals that offer products that are not in their possession and are being delivered by the owners of the product. (affiliate/dropshipping). Many brick&mortar stores nowadays realize that they need to be online too since people are shifting towards the web to get their products. You can choose to offer high priced products with high profit margins of which you only need to sell a few per month to make a decent online income or you can go for cheaper products with lesser profit margin that require more sales in order to form a substantial income. You can also sell your products through a blog page that you own. If you have traffic and people are interested in what you have to say they tend to buy from you .
  • Sell Services: People need services like they need products. If you deliver a service you can choose to offer it online. Many companies are recognizing the need to sell their services online these days. Selling services through blogging is also a highly popular technique that’s being used by people to make money with websites. Often people build a blog just to find more clients. Blogs are great for getting traffic and more traffic means more clients. Start a blog page on the subject of the service you want to deliver, get traffic, then create a new page within your site and call it services.
  • Collect Emails for marketingaweber: They say email marketing is the backbone of every money making website. Building a big email list is  really valuable. It has many benefits such as direct email promotions, maintaining engagement from visitors, delivering free monetized reports and of course driving traffic back to your website. You really shouldn’t miss out on the great opportunity called email marketing. It can even make you money when you don’t have a decent website. You can promote product and service just via email and make money of it. The number one Email Marketing Software and probably the biggest out there is Aweber. Get an account here and they’ll teach you tips and tricks on how to run a great email campaign. It’s fully optional and includes everything one needs to run a great campaign.

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